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Ramistech is a leading company in providing environmentally friendly solutions that can
automate farm tasks. We have developed a fully automatic Insect Hunter that can replace
pesticides in organic farming. Check out this video to learn more.

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Our Products

Insect Hunter

Our latest product is an autonomous insect hunter specifically designed to be used in Canadian farmlands as a substitute for chemical insecticides. Our robot attracts and terminates insect pests using LIDAR & SLAM technologies and high voltage electric grids.



The robot’s body is designed to enable its smooth movement on the farm and protect its other components.

Navigation System

The navigation system of our Insect Hunter uses LIDAR, SLAM, and GPS technology. A map of the farmland would be uploaded into the robot’s system and based on the type of crops and farmland a certain number of stopping stations would be determined. The robot would then move to those stopping points and stay there for a pre-defined amount of time to attract insects.

Exterminating System

Once the insects are attracted to the UV light and trapped inside the Insect Hunter, some of them are exterminated through getting suffocated as a result of the heavy airflow that pulls them in, and the rest are exterminated by being exposed to our waterproof electrified wire grids.

Insect Attraction and Trapping System

Using UV light to stimulate phototaxis behavior, the robot will attract, pull, and trap the insects inside itself through generating a heavy suction. Since the airflow created is consistent it is impossible for the trapped insects to escape the chamber once they are pulled in.


Up to 5



per Robot

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More than 10



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Our Story

Being accepted into CDL accelerator. (www.creativedestructionlab.com/locations/calgary)

September 2022

Receiving US provisional patent.

May 2022

Research, development, and design of Insect Hunter Robot 6.0.

April 2022

Developing the android application

March 2022

Graduation from Manitoba Technology Accelerator. (www.mbtechaccelerator.com)

December 2021

Product-market testing in Sari, Mazandaran Farms in north of Iran.

September 2021

Showcasing the startup in Canada Kazakhstan Business Opportunities Exhibition.

June 2021

Pitch our product in Agri-Tech Venture Forum.

June 2021

Incorporation in Canada RAMIS TECHNOLOGY LTD.

January 2021

Ramis Insect Hunter got accepted into the Manitoba Technology Accelerator program. (www.mbtechaccelerator.com)

May 2020

Research, development and design of Insect Hunter Robot 1.0.


Receiving a grant in aid from meeting The Parliament of Armenia and entrepreneurship and Startup society.

July 2017

Iranian patent for Saffron harvester

May 2017

Presenting Ramis startup in iBridges Barcelona, Spain. (www.ibridges.org)

December 2016

Receiving Grant in aid for Robogol robot on Slush 2016 in Helsinki, Finland.

November 2016

First place of 12th National Sheikh-Bahai in Investment Opportunities sector for Saffron harvesting and packaging robot

May 2016

Iranian patent for RoboGol robot


RoboGol wins 11th national Sheikh-Bahai in the Business Plan sector for greenhouse autonomous robot.


During an industrial equipment fair in Tehran, the idea of Ramistech company begins to take form.