A new report of invasive stink bugs raises concerns in Canada!


The emergence of stink bugs in Canada has created significant concerns. This dangerous insect may have adverse effects on humans and the environment. In this article, we are to provide you with comprehensive information about this invasive insect. Therefore, if you are concerned about the harmful effects of this insect and want to know how to get rid of it, read this article to the end.

The stink bug is a pest of fruit crops that has recently caused millions of dollars worth of damage in the U.S. This uninvited guest is an invasive species that has recently emerged in Canada. B.C. government has declared it a public nuisance. Stink bugs have been identified in 38 states and can cause major damage to fruit, vegetable, and field crops. It is needless to say, in addition to plant damage, the brown marmorated stink bug is a nuisance to people because they often seek shelter inside their houses.

What does a stink bug do?

The stink bug, also known as the brown marmorated stink bug, has become a problem for farmers and people. This invasive insect causes fruits to become scarred and blemished, reducing their value for sale. It may also transmit bacteria between various plants as they feed on them. In other words, this insect causes severe damage to farms and has unavoidable adverse effects. As stink bugs feed on crops, they have made farmers worried. Adult stink bugs emerge in spring and can cause severe infestation in homes. When they are crushed, they release an unpleasant smell, but they do not bite people.

How to identify stink bugs?

Stink bugs, also known as BMSB, are almost 3-quarters inch, in brown, dark green, or gray colors, and are shaped like a shield. These insects have an orange marking on their spine. Stink bugs are attracted to fruit trees and may appear in houses as they look for warm places to hide in winter. There is no need to be concerned since there are many ways to get rid of these insects for good.

Essential tips about stink bugs

The most fundamental facts you need to know about stink bugs go as follows:

  • Stink bugs do not do any structural damage to houses.
  • They do not sting or bite.
  • They release unpleasant chemicals when they feel in danger.
  • They appear in Summer and Spring.
  • You can use U.V. light to trap them.
  • Using pesticides to get rid of them is mostly ineffective.

How to get rid of Stink Bugs?

The brown marmorated stink bug can have severe effects on agriculture. This invasive insect feeds on numerous fruit, vegetable, and field crops, like apples, cherries, corn, grape, and lima beans. The damage they cause to crops makes them unusable. As stink bugs are resistant to pesticides, managing them is challenging. Here are the best ways to get rid of stink bugs.

Keep Out the Bugs

Although stink bugs are attracted to trees and fruits, you may start to see a larger number of them in your homes. Pesticide application is not an excellent way to control these insects. It is better to keep bugs out by closing off all entry points from the outside and installing screen windows.

An alternative way to get rid of  stink bugs

As mentioned before, stink bugs are resistant to different kinds of pesticides; thus, RamisTech has developed a cutting-edge robot to eradicate these invasive insects without using chemical substances. Insect Hunter is designed to be used in Canadian farmlands instead of pesticides. Insect Hunter uses UV light to attract and trap insects and electric grids to exterminate insects for good.


Frequently asked questions about stink bugs

Stink bugs do not bite people, but they may transmit harmful bacteria. Due to their nasty chemical smell, some people think they are toxic. While stink bugs are not toxic, some people may be allergic to their unpleasant smell and show symptoms like a runny nose.

Some pets like to eat bugs. Eating stink bugs does not kill pets but can cause them to vomit.

Stink Bugs usually appear in trees during the winter. As these bugs prefer the heat, they may seek shelter in your homes.

Although stink bugs present no direct threat to humans in the form of stings and bites, their infestation can be a nuisance. Stink bugs can damage fruit and vegetable as well. If you have a vegetable garden, the brown marmorated stink bug can cause serious damage to your crops.

Last Word

Considering all these points, stink bugs can be a nuisance, but they do not cause harm to humans and pets. Although stink bugs do not endanger human health, the fact that they consider our homes a summer vacation spot makes them a nuisance. Having enough information about these insects, you will be able to prevent them from ruining your crops. In this article, we tried to provide comprehensive information regarding stink bugs.

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